How can WeSmile uses AI to maximize event engagement experience?


Photobooth Design
UX Research & Design
Generative A.I.
Development, Operations, Startup-Scaleup


2023 - Present


Startup, Co-founder


Google, ASML, Adyen, DELL


Personalisation is the new keyword in today’s realm especially un marketing. Every advertisement every intention is heading towards creating personalised content for consumers.

WeSmile is an innovative startup aiming to enhance the photobooth experience. We achieve this by using generative AI modules to create fully personalized outputs, making sure everyone has a great time. Users get to create their own unique images, and each event gets its own special theme and output. Laughter and smiles are a big part of the experience, bringing participants and events closer together. Our approach goes beyond the usual, creating stronger connections between companies/brands and attendees.

Mission:  Maximizing brand awareness and event engagement of guests at events through AI technology that cater to bring forth the unique needs of each events embedded in personalized photobooth.

Vision: Elevating engagement experience and brand awareness between audiences at events. We aspire to leverage the AI technology within personalized event entertainment to set new standards for tailored event solutions. Through our innovation, we aim to empower businesses and individuals to leave a lasting and engaging impression on their audiences, making every event a memorable and impactful occasion.


WeSmile is a startup aiming to amplify brand visibility and elevate attendee engagement at events through innovative AI technology that caters to the distinct requirements of each event. While all seamlessly integrated into a personalized photobooth experience. We envision a future where event engagement and brand recognition flourish among audiences at every gathering, offering AI powered tailored event solutions while helping both businesses and individuals to leave lasting, engaging impressions on their audiences, transforming every event into a memorable and impactful affair.

Driven by the growing need for businesses and individuals alike to engage in more meaningful and profound ways with their audience during events and gatherings. This need stems from the changing way consumers expect things — a demand for personalization and innovative  interaction that transcend the conventional, where they feel unique and valued. By crafting tailor-made experiences that resonate with each attendee, forging deeper connections between brands and their consumers, and making personalization and innovation accessible, engaging, and memorable. Personalization and individual engagement during an event become even more impactful when our system is capable of generating personalized images. Our AI powered innovative photobooth takes personalization to the next level by allowing attendees to choose their desired transformations, themes, characters, styles. It's like sprinkling lasting memories into photographs, where each image becomes a precious keepsake that reminds us of the unique event moments we've experienced. As a result, attendees not only feel uniquely catered to but also actively participate in crafting their event experiences. In short, WeSmile redefine how we connect, celebrate, and engage while encapsulating the urgency of attendees engagement and innovative experiences that leave a lasting smile on every face.

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