How can Generative A.I. help lower the cost of content creation? A structured installation design prototype that is adaptable to marketing campagins to generate personalised content for companies and consumers


Installation Design
UX Research & Design
Generative A.I.
Marketing Content Creation


PyData Eindhoven @ High Tech Campus




The prototype works in a form of installation design, where the user is having a conversation with the installation and from it, the installation generates media that fits into the marketing campaigns. With a structured prototype, only the message that wants to be sent is being changed, while all other factors and usability remains the same, resulting a low cost, efficient, tailored personalised marketing campagins not only for brands but also for consumers.

The Problem

How can GroupM as a marketing agency, utilises Generative A.I. to create content for advertisements and marketing campagins for their clients like Volkswagen, Vodafone, ING, Unilever.

The prototype aims to tell stories and/or messages through the installation design. With the structure of the concept being developed, it can then be utilised for marketing purposes like advertisements and campagins by just changing the stories that wants to be told.

For instance, the prototype is now telling a story of letting people meet their alter ego, it sends the message for people to become aware of the part of themselves that they want to hide and bury. But while collaborating with brands in a marketing realm, which during the internship, Axe from Univeler is being utilised as realising the concept. What message does Axe would like to send to its customers?


An installation that guides user through a series of self reflecting questions, to extricate themselves from their labels, in the process helping them to realise their alter ego with the aid of Generative A.I.


How well do we know ourselves, who are we really? Are we our problems, are we our body, are we our thoughts? Do you really know who you are, right now, right this moment? Vibes don't lie, and everyone knows. With the usage of Generative AI, Portraits of Karma helps us to visualise our alternative self based on how we are feeling right now in this moment. And by putting our desires tangible, we become more aware and conscious of our emotions and feelings.

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